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About us

There are many means of transportation, but we offer safety, comfort, elegance, accuracy and style.

Limousine Service is a company focused on the exlusive transportation of VIP passengers. We stress a professional approach, offering a high level of service to meet our customers satisfaction. We have been satisfying the needs of our clients since 1993 with our luxury car line of the Mercedes-Benz make.


Our limousines meet all top safety criteria. Clients carried by Limousine Service are insured for up to EUR 25,000. We further guarantee the safley and comfort of our passangers with the care offered by our long-term professional drivers.


Our entire fleet of vehicles is exclusively comprised of Mercedes-Benz providing maximum comfort to all our customers. All our limousines are equipped with air conditioning.


  • Airport transfers
  • We transport passangers to and from air-ports in Bratislava, Vienna- Schwechat, Budapest,etc or according to our customers requirements
  • Congresses
  • We also provide our limousines and minibuses for official purposes such as congresses, meetings and other social events
  • Hotel service
  • We ensure transportation to hotels and guest-houses with an option of individual pricing
  • Transportation for Companies
  • We carry employees of various firms business trips and business meetings with the possibility of invoicing the service provided as well as individual pricing
  • Tourist services
  • We offer transportation for smaller groups of tourists with the possibility of sightseeing.
  • We offer the services of interpreters and guides for this purpose and are also open to co-operation with any travel agency






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